Barcelona guide - with Tour Lava

Barcelona guide - with Tour Lava

Summer is buzzing and it's almost vacation time at the Jore hq. 
Right now we are dreaming about seafood, espadrilles, afternoons in museums, fun little souvenirs and big straw hats, and who better to ask, than the creators behind the small colorbomb of a fashion brand Tour lava, our sweet friends and vacation connoisseurs Sofie and Kathrine, to guide us through one of their favorite cities, Barcelona.
Where do you eat breakfast?
When not eating breakfast at home, we head to Baldomero. The space and interior is super cute and they serve really good breakfast and coffee. You can’t go without trying their pistachio cake! It’s a must!
Best lunch spot?
Our go-to lunch spot is Cal Pep serving fresh and local food from the market in Barcelona. The place has a really low-key vibe and everything on the menu tastes amazing!
Best dinner/going out weekend spot?
We always enjoy going to Fonda Pepa for dinner. They serve Catalan food with a twist and lots of good natural wines. The space is beautiful and the service is great!
Best sangria/drinks afternoon spot?
Bar del Pla serves the best natural wines and the waiters are always super nice. Food is good there too! For sangria, we normally would go to one of the tapas bars. It’s our experience that they serve the best ones.
Best local food place?
For classic Catalan food we always go to Bodega Picarol. A small, cozy place always full of people. The food is amazing and the vibe is too.
Must see museum?
Our favorite museum must be the Miró museum. We’re just huge fans of Joan Miró and his graphical works and way of using colors. The museum is full of great inspiration and is located in the most amazing place - a hill top viewing Barcelona city
Favorite area?
We love the Gràcia area! There’s so many cute little streets and good restaurants in this area.
Top 3 best vintage store?
Atelier Resistance
House of Rowdy
Mise En Scéne
If you could host the dinner party of your dreams in barcelona, what would be:

A must on the menu?  A loaf of great sourdough bread and some homemade whipped butter always saves the party

A must at the table decor? A cute table cloth

A must drink to serve? A real funky orange wine

Dream flowers to make it magical? A big bouquet of poppy’s in every color

Dream person on the guest list? Iris Apfel 
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