Home habits with Thea Ringby

Home habits with Thea Ringby

In early winter we visited Thea Ringby, the owner of our favourite Copenhagen second hand store, Reseller, for a little talk about home habits and vintage shopping. 

Thea Ringby, 27, lives in Nørrebro 
Owner and founder of second hand store, RESELLER, on Pilestræde 46. 

What's most important when decorating your home?

Top priority is to make a space that makes me calm. And even though I love beautiful things, items need a function in my daily life. I want a home where there's room for living, parties, dancing and cooking, so I don't want items in my home that need to be put away for my life to be lived here.

Go to home colors?

Blue feels safe and calming to me. It doesn't feel like an actual color, but more like a nuance. It's ever changing and not too loud.

Any materials that excites you?

I like steel. It gives room to live without being too careful, especially in a kitchen. One day I would love to have a kitchen in full steel. And ceramic cups. I take one home every time I travel, so my cupboard is a mix and match from all my trips.

What's your best second hand purchase for your home?

My striped glass bowl. I found it really cheap in a thrift store a weekend I visited my parents in Balling almost 10 years ago. It's the perfect size for pick-and-mix candy - big surface, you can see everything that is available - haha.

Best second hand purchase in your closet?

My long wool coat from Toteme. I bought it at a flea market in the area 4 years ago. I love everything from Toteme as seasons do not really matter. It's classic, fits with my closet and I never get sick of wearing their styles. Most of my closet is second hand buys or more investment pieces. I know I can always sell items again at my store, if I don't wear them as much as I thought when purchasing.

What little habits make a home for you?

I take good care of my apple tree on my balcony, I always have candles lit and I always have wine or beers min my fridge

“ I rather be two minutes late, than leave a messy kitchen behind in the morning” 




Any little routines that make the everyday a little special?

Every evening I light a candle and drink a cup of tea in bed. My days can be quite hectic and with a lot of talking, so it's nice to have a little evening ritual to calm down and leave the workday.


Favorite danish brands: 

  • I really like Birrot because it works for everyday wear - it is the brand I have most pieces from 
  • A. Roege Hove is amazingly made. It looks calm from a distance, but so experimental and unique when you look up close at the details. 
  • Akva jewelry is made from reused silver, they think circular and transparent, and makes items that stay with you for life.


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