Bag om broderierne

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Behind the embroidery

At Jore Copenhagen, we’re proud to present our new beautifully hand embroidered products consisting of pillows and tapestries. The products are produced in collaboration with an Indian organization that fights for women’s rights in India and helps them enter the workforce to ultimately support their families.The organization operations around Ahmedabad and helps women across all regiogious backgrounds, including hinduism, islam and christianity. 
It was on an inspiration trip to Delhi that Jore’s chief designer, Josephine Reich, was introduced to the organization and fell in love with their unique handicraft and vision. Both the pillows and tapestries are 100% cotton and the hand embroidered motives are inspired by the traditional indian painting style called kalamkari. In ancient India, the kalamkari painting and embroideries were used to tell stories about the hindu mythology. Under the colonization of India, the British adopted the style as decorative elements on i.e. clothing.
We’re incredibly happy to support these women and to play a part in making a difference for both their own and their children’s lives. Through this collaboration, we’re able to help get their children into schools and give them better living conditions. In the fall of 2020, we plan to make another visit to the organization’s headquarter in Ahmedabad in India and meet all the women who help us produce these amazing products. 

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