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Jore Copenhagen has visited 24-year-old Emilie Berg, who lives in Frederiksberg. Emilie lives in an 89 sqm apartment from the year 1900 divided into 3 rooms, which she shares with her roommate.

Emilie loves to remodel her home when it comes to decor. There is therefore nothing in the home that has "its permanent place", as she makes sure that the home is often renewed.
What do you like best about living in Frederiksberg?
What I like best about Frederiksberg is that there is walking distance to almost everything - especially the Stefansgade district at Nørrebro, which is full of cafes and small local shops.
How would you describe your decor?
The decor is mostly Nordic style with a calm color palette. I love finding great unique vintage finds that can add something unique to the decor. In addition, most of the furniture is found at DBA, where they have been upcycled in form of paint or someting similar. For example, the desk is made out of an old board and the bookcases above have also been found on DBA and then painted so that they fit into the rest of the decor.
Kyoto-black-loftlampe bistro keramikkollektion jore
In the actual design of the apartment, I have focused mostly on calm colors - whereas I love colors on my plates etc. Including Jore's Bistro ceramics collection, which has been combined with my other colored tableware.
What's your favorite spot in the apartment?
My absolute favorite spot in the apartment is 100% at the dining table in the bay window in the living room. The round dining table is often used to gather friends who come by and with the large windows in the bay window, you can look out over the roads and follow what is happening.
dott stribes blue væglampe mushroom lampe jore copenhagen
I try as much as possible to create an atmosphere of coziness in the apartment, although I sometimes want to be more minimalist - I can conclude that I am too happy to find new things for the apartment, why this often isn't posible. ”
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