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Jore Copenhagen has visited 29-year-old Christine, who live in a 100 sqm big apartment at Sankt Hans Gade in Nørrebro. She lives there with her boyfriend Rasmus and their 3-month-old daughter Camille.

What do you like about this area?

It’s a quit area, even though it’s at Nørrebro. There is many local shops and cafes, and the lakes are just around the corner, where I love to walk with the stroller. Also, the area gives a Paris-vibe which I love because I get very inspired from France.

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What have you made with the apartment since you moved in?

We moved in, in august and when we got the apartment it really needed a makeover. So, we renovated the kitchen, bathroom, floors and painted the walls. The good thing about the makeover, was that we could make the apartment the way we wanted and in our taste.

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What kind of style would you describe your décor?

We have tried to make the apartment as light as possible with white wall, floors and use beige tones in the décor. I get a lot of inspiration from France, especially south France in Provence which I try to corporate into our décor. We have combined the light surroundings with France interior which gives a light, simple and romantic expression.

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Where do you get your inspiration from?

My whole childhood I have been a lot in France and especially my father has had a big influence, because he uses a lot of French interior in his décor.

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Are there any trends that you won’t incorporate into your décor?

I don’t use a lot of colors on my walls, as many can have tendency to do. I would much rather use colored furniture or something like that, to stand out in the décor.

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What's your favorite spot in the apartment?

My favorite spot Is definingly on the couch. There are windows in every direction you look, so you can see out on all the colored buildings.

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