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Boligreportage Vesterbro Jore

Come inside Emma's color universe, which offers a lot of playfulness and inspiration for the color-lovers. Emma lives in a 100 sqm apartment in Vesterbro with her husband.

She is a brand design student and has a great interest in interior design and loves uniqueness and fun in her decor. See how Emma decorates against Jore below!

What do you like most about Vesterbro?

It's like a kind of community, I'm for example on first name with my kiosk-man and the barista from, where I get coffee from. In addition, the area offers delicious food, as there are many different and really good restaurants.

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Have you done anything at the apartment since you moved in?

I moved in about 5 years ago and what we have done to the apartment is give it some "make up". The apartment has been painted in many different colors, the kitchen cabinets have been given foil, etc., which has meant that we have been able to avoid a major renovation.

jore dinner table

What do you focus on when it comes to decorating?

I'm trying to create a little universe in my home. I don’t care so much for light, but rather to create an atmosphere in my decor. When I decorate, I try to create a setting in my home and it may gladly be too much, with many colors and shapes. I’m much more focused on the appearances rather than practicality.

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Are there any trends you incorporate into your decor and are there any avoid?

That the 80s style has returned is a huge plus as well as strong colors. In addition, it's cool that recycling-items has become something we use more and more, as I love finding cool and unique vintage finds. What I don’t include is clearly minimalism, the Scandinavian style, and natural materials, as I am more into many colors. I would like you to think that it’s too much when you enter my home.

Where do you find your inspiration for your home decor?

I find most of my inspiration from movies. This is where I get idea, to create a setting in my home. In addition, I am also very inspired by travels, hotels, buildings, etc. I also have a great weakness for everything with seafood on it, which is why many of my things like my plates etc. are with seafood motifs on.

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What colors do you use most in your decor?

Blue, green and red are the colors that dominate the home the most. The colors should be strong, rather than dusty and delicate tones. Most of the colors you see in my home are inspired by the building we live in. Out in the hallway there is blue and red and the green one is taken from one of the back doors in the building.

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What is your favorite spot in the apartment?

It is clearly the kitchen / dining room. I often feel like remodeling in all the other rooms we have, as I am not always completely satisfied, but in the dining room it feels absolutely perfect with all the things that are here. Many of the items we have in the dining room have a greater significance for me, some things are heirlooms, others have a story behind, why I love being here.

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