<transcy>Our first lamp collection</transcy>

Our first lamp collection

It has always been in the cards that Jore Copenhagen should be more than just textiles. We’re therefore happy to finally introduce our first collection of Jore Copenhagen lamps, which are the result of a clear vision, hard work and not least a strong collaboration with our suppliers.

The collection consists of seven lamp series in various colours and design so they fit into many different homes. The lampshades are produced with natural materials including metal, bast fiber and wicker, giving an elegant and refined look. Bast fibers are known for being extremely durable, which makes them ideal for production of ropes, rugs and sacks. 

The application possibilities of the lamps are many, as they’re both practical and decorative. The five different wall lamps Dott and Dott Stribes can be installed in different patterns by itself on the wall, in combination with a picture wall or even as a night lamp by the bed. With its simple shape, Kyoto Pendant can be used in all rooms of the house, i.e. above the kitchen island, the dining table or in the bedroom. With Tripple Cane, a more sculptural look is possible by giving edge to the room, and the nice little table lamp Mushroom fits perfectly on the night stand or on a small table besides the couch.

Our lamp collection brings us one step closer on our path to finding the perfect brand identity of Jore Copenhagen and we keep dreaming of even more expansions to our product portfolio. Still, like the rest of the global society, we must acknowledge that the current world situation makes such rapid expansions difficult in the near future. So for now, we remain excited about our new lamp collection and look forward to better times. This is our biggest investment so far, and we’re proud and happy to present a result and a product we truly believe in. 

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