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We are proud to share with you: 


Our new studio is located at Adelgade 106, 1304 Copenhagen K
Here, you’ll have the opportunity to meet Josephine Reich, the designer behind Jore Copenhagen. You’ll be able to ask questions about products, pick up your package, or experience the products in real life – a service we’re proud to present to our customers.
Jore Studio will not have designated opening hours, but book a visit with us beforehand or feel free to just drop by if you’re in the area. We’re always happy to offer a cup of coffee and a casual talk about our designs. 
Jore Studio is meant to be a part of Jore Copenhagen’s inspiring universe
We’ve already started preparing the design and furnishing of Jore Studio. At Jore Copenhagen, we’re not afraid to use colours and our showroom will stay true to that vision. The walls will be painted in intriguing colours and furniture with an edge will be matched with our own interior.
We’re extremely excited to welcome you into our new studio in January!

Jore Copenhagen

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