Dott Stripes | Black & nature, wall lamp

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The Dott Stripes wall lamp is a decorative lamp in natural colors and materials. Due to the visibility of the bulb, a bulb with a warm glow and low lumen is recommended, e.g. a carbon wire bulb. The wall lamp can be used as decoration on the picture wall, in combination with several or other Dott Stripes wall lamps or over the bedside table in the bedroom, only the imagination sets limits.

Dott stripes are made of raffia, also called bast in Danish, which originates from Africa, where the bast / raffia has been used for baskets.

• The size is Ø54 cm.
• The color is 'black & nature' is also found in 'wine & nature' and 'lichen green & nature'
• Has a brown fabric cord