Straw kilim | Handmade carpet

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This municipality-led atelier has employed over 80 women from the local neighborhoods in the Van province.

The weaving of one rug takes approximately one 20 days and every rug is woven by one woman in the workshop. The aim of this is to provide the local women with an income so they can create value for themselves and their community, but also to support and keep the fading weaving traditions alive.


Each kilim is designed by Østerland and handwoven from 100% high quality local handspun sheep’s wool.

The yearns are handpicked from all around eastern Turkey and then sent to Istanbul to be spinned for wool and naturally dyed for weaving. 


The best way to care for your kilim is by shaking and beating it. This will remove dirt. You can also vacuum your kilim. Please do not wash in the washing machine. 

Size 136 cm x 172 cm